Publié le 29.05.2018

Le « Prix Inger Salling pour la psychiatrie » décerné à Dr Ilana Berlowitz.

Every 2 years, the Inger Salling Foundation (Switzerland) awards a prize for outstanding accomplishments in clinical and experimental research in the field of psychiatry. In 2018, a prize of 10'000 CHF was awarded to Dr. Ilana Berlowitz for her original interdisciplinary research project "Traditional Amazonian Medicine Adapted to Treat Substance Use Disorder". In this project, she combined psychiatric, anthropological, and psychological approaches by means of quantitative and qualitative research methods to investigate an alternative treatment program for substance use disorder based on traditional Amazonian medicine at an innovative addiction treatment center in the Peruvian Amazon. The project was hosted by the Unit for Clinical and Health Psychology and Prof. Dr. Chantal Martin-Sölch. It was funded by a SNSF Doc.CH grant and carried out in collaboration with the University Hospital Zurich and the Institute for Ethnology of the University of Neuchâtel.