Unifr's position in university rankings

For several years now, various institutions have been carrying out standardised indicator-based procedures with the aim of establishing a simplified quality and performance comparison between universities. These take the form of lists in rank order (so-called ‘rankings’). There are sometimes considerable differences in the indicators used in these procedures and the resulting ranking. The University of Fribourg supplies data for the U-Multirank, in particular, as well as – more recently – for the Times Higher Education Ranking.

According to the latest ranking of Times Higher Education, the University of Fribourg is a strongly international University. It features as one of the best 100 universities in the world in the category International Outlook. Despite the fact that the University of Fribourg is ranked amongst the best 250 of around 17,000 universities worldwide, it regards these developments and the results of these rankings with caution and restraint. For quality management they are only of minor importance.



Academic Ranking of World Universities

  • Institutional Rank 2016:     301-400
  • Institutional Rank 2017:     401-500
  • Institutional Rank 2018:     301-400

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Times Higher Education's World University Ranking

World Rank 296 277 220 280 248

2015 Results:

  • Top 200 Best European Universities (119)
  • Top 200 Most International Universities (64)

Times Higher Education Supplement




U-Multirank is a relatively new ranking which does not assign an overall rank to universities, but provides a service that allows clients to compile their own ranking, according to customised lists of criteria.