Published on 14.02.2022

Highest distinction awarded to Professor Harriet Thöny

Professor Harriet Thöny (UniFR), who heads the Service of Radiology at the Fribourg Hospital (HFR) beside being a Professor at the University of Fribourg, has just been awarded, at one fell swoop, two very prestigious nominations. She was recently elected honorary member of the French Society of Radiology in Paris, and has just been granted honorary membership to the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago. This honor is the highest form of recognition for a radiologist, and had never before been awarded to a Swiss woman. 

The University of Fribourg can boast, among its ranks, a very important and international figure in radiology. With her two new titles, Prof Thöny, who is a highly productive researcher and specialist in genito-urinary radiology, ENT, and oncologic imagery, further feeds an already impressive CV. The RSNA notes in its presentation of the three radiologists it named as honorary members in 2021 that Prof. Thöny is “recognized across the globe for her pioneering applications of functional MRI in genitourinary and head and neck radiology.”

Appointed at the HFR in 2018, Prof. Thöny excels in many domains, as is often noted by her peers: Prof. Marie-France Bellin for instance remarks on her “excellence in research, first, with a very impressive H-index of 51” in her address when granting Prof. Thöny her French Society of Radiology honorary membership. This index quantifies the scientific productivity of a researcher and her or his research's impact by measuring the number of times an author is cited. During the past twenty years, Harriet Thöny has published about a hundred articles and led more than twenty major projects. These projects “permitted the exploration of functional imagery in new application contexts, many of which have since become standards in clinical practice”, notes the RSNA.

Considered a “renowned consultant”, Prof. Thöny's involvement in many European and international societies is also hailed as impressive. So is her implication in sharing her expertise further afield, through teaching and presentation of numerous conferences: “Dr Thöny is internationally recognized for her leadership role in research and education” adds the RSNA, which had never as yet distinguished a Swiss woman as an honorary member.