Published on 14.06.2021

Prof. Dmitry Katayev has received a 2021 Junior Scientist Program Fellowship Award (JSP - Bürgenstock)

Prof. Dmitry Katayev from the Chemistry Department was recently awarded a 2021 Junior Scientist Program Fellowship.

Each year, the Division of Fundamental Research of the Swiss Chemical Society awards 12-16 fellowships to attend the Bürgenstock Conference to promising young scientists from Europe (including Russia and Israel) who are at the beginning of their academic careers.

The Organizing Committee asks leading scientists, former Presidents of the ‘Bürgenstock Conferences’, as well as Presidents of National Academies of Science to nominate candidates at the beginning of their career.From these candidates, they select the best young scientists for the fellowships, based on scientific excellence and diversity. 

Dmitry Katayev's research concerns the development of innovative catalytic strategies, for example photocatalysis, electrochemical synthesis, synergistic transition metal and organocatalysis, to address the grand challenges of modern organic synthesis.

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