Published on 30.05.2017

The 2016 gender prize was awarded ex-aequo for an article by Dr. Pascal Gygax and Prof. Ute Gabriel, as well as for the master thesis of Martina Werder.

The gender prize is awarded every two years by the Commission and the Office for the Equality of Women and Men at the University of Fribourg. The award, endowed with a prize of CHF 3,000, is awarded for master's thesis, doctoral thesis or scientific publications dealing with gender research.

In 2016, two excellent works were awarded the gender prize ex-aequo: the article by Dr. Pascal Gygax and Prof. Ute Gabriel «Gender and Linguistic Sexism» presented in the book by H. Giles & A. Maass (Eds) « Advances in and prospects for intergroup communication. "Published by Peter Lang in New York. The award went to Mrs. Martina Werder for her master's thesis "Gender-oriented support in the teaching of natural science - Theory-based development and evaluation of a material collection for secondary school I."