Published on 14.03.2023

New: Proof of Concept and Access to Market Research Data Base

Firstly, we are happy to share that UNIFR has opened two new proof-of-concept grants to support your innovative ideas and projects. The “fond Centenaire” grant, which offers up to CHF 7,000, has four submission deadlines per year: 1st of February, 1st April, 1st September and 2nd of November. The “Research Pool” grant, which provides up to CHF 70,000, has two submission deadlines per year: 31st of January and 31st July. We encourage you to take advantage of these funding opportunities and apply before the respective deadlines.

Secondly, we are delighted to inform you that we now have access to the Frost & Sullivan database, which contains valuable market research data. This resource will prove incredibly useful for those seeking to develop innovative projects such as InnoSuisse and Bridge. The Frost & Sullivan database gives you insight into company activities, market sizes, and intellectual property landscapes. To access this database, visit and click on the "Login" button at the top right corner of the page. Then, select "Frost Member Portal" and click on "General Access". Please note that you need to be on campus or have your VPN switched on to access this resource.

In addition to our support services, we regularly organize educational events to facilitate knowledge exchange and promote entrepreneurship. Our upcoming event will focus on the InnoSuisse grant, and we are excited to have Dr. Lukas Schertel as our special guest. Dr. Schertel has obtained an InnoSuisse grant and started his own company.

Interested? Please register here:

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Our mission is to support and promote the transfer of knowledge and technology from the university to industry, society, and the economy. We are committed to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among researchers, students, and staff.

If you have any questions or require assistance with your innovation applications, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are here to support you every step of the way and look forward to hearing about your innovative projects and ideas.

Information about our new grants:

Fonds de recherche du centenaire
Research Pool