Published on 03.04.2022

The New UniFR Grant Tool is finally here!

A new tool has been developed by the DIT in collaboration with the SPR in order to help UniFR researchers find and apply for funding. The new grant tool is very easy of access and handily regroups in one place many useful resources when one is seeking research funding. 

Simply log on to MyUnifr with your institutional username and password: you will see that a new "Research” tab has appeared at the top, and hovering over it will enable you to select the Grant Tool among many other new functionalities. 

The new Research tab and the Grant tool it contains will enable you to facilitate important steps in finding a grant, applying for it, and managing a grant at UniFR. 

  • Under “Calls”, you will find all the major open calls for career and project funding.
  • Under “Funding”, you will be able to search for and filter through all the main funding opportunities available to you, and find invaluable information on specific funding tools and the modalities involved in applying for them.
  • Under “Grant tool”, you will be able to request support letters or host institution confirmation letters for your project application, simulate a budget for your project, gain insight into whether you need to involve an ethics committee for your research, get examples of what a Data Management Plan (DMP) in your field should look like, or request storage space for large files from DIT. 
  • Other functionalities enable you, when in the process of applying for funding, to consult the status of your requests for support letters (“my requests for support letters”), and see and modify your saved budgets (“my budgets”).
  • Once you have secured funding, the “Administration” tab permits you to "open an account with the Financial Service" and facilitates "hiring an employee" for your research project. 

Please note that letters of support must now be requested via the Grant Tool. 

For researchers who are not yet part of the University, access to the grant tool can be requested here. The researcher will need to indicate a contact person within the department they wish to join at the University of Fribourg and who will be able to validate this request.

In addition to these brand-new functionalities, we at the SPR are there for you, not only in processing your requests for host institution confirmation letters, but also in advising you on potential sources for funding for which you are eligible and in every step of the application process. Whether you are on the page to calculate a budget for your project, to create a DMP, or simply searching for funding, you will find on the right-hand side of the page a formular to contact us with your question and/or our email address:

We encourage you to try out this new Grant Tool and use its many functionalities.