Published on 02.07.2020

Unifr researchers in Horizonte, the magazine of the SNSF 

Three research programmes at Unifr have been the topic of articles in the Horizonte magazine of the Swiss National Science Foundation:

Adria Le Bœuf from the Department of Biology, and her project on the exchange of saliva in ants as a vector of communication to regulate the management of the entire colony.

[The meaning of vomit]

Sven Bacher, also in the Department of Biology, a leading expert on invasive plant species.

[Underrated threat]

See also the Unifr press release on this topic.

And finally Mayron Piccolo and Chantal Martin-Soelch, from the Department of Psychology, for their study on the role in anorexia of a cannibinoid produced by our body.

[Anorexics might lack the appetite trigger]