Innovation @ UNIFR

UNIFR researchers collaborate with academia and industry and are successful in applying for innovation funds, like the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse, the BRIDGE program, or Eurostars. The University provides support in the application process and by protecting the intellectual property.

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Service helps to transform research results into benefits for society. Be it through a start-up or a collaboration with an established company, the KTT Service supports you in understanding and forging a path, as well as with the drafting, negotiation and approval of research contracts and patent applications. The KTT Service manages all the intellectual property of UNIFR.

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Examples of innovation

Enhancing the defenses of plants 

Dr. Fabienne Schwab, Adolphe Merkle Institute 


Digital inter­ ventions to improve health 

Dr. Lucas Spierer, Neurology Unit, Medicine Section, University of Fribourg 


The Digital Cooperative 

Prof. Edy Portmann, Human-IST Institute, University of Fribourg 


Membranes for gas separation 

Timur Ashirov, Department of Chemistry, University of Fribourg 


Impossible Materials 

Dr. Lukas Schertel, Department of Physics, University of Fribourg 


A blood test for breast cancer detection and monitoring 

Prof. Curzio Rüegg, Faculty of Science and Medicine, University of Fribourg 


Innovative antibacterial coatings 

Prof. Katharina M. Fromm, Department of Chemistry, University of Fribourg 


Luminescent sensor for wine cork taint detection 

Prof. Katharina M. Fromm, Department of Chemistry, University of Fribourg 


Advanced Thermal Imaging for nano­ particle detection 

Dr. Christoph Geers, NanoLockin GmbH 


Energy­-autonomous soft robotic prosthetics 

Dr. Alessandro Ianiro, Adolphe Merkle Institute 


Repairing nervous system lesions 

Prof. Dr. Claire Jacob, Department of Biology, University of Fribourg 


Interactive decision­ support tool to choose the best waste collection strategy 

Dr. Meritxell Pacheco Paneque, Department of Informatics, University of Fribourg