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In a canton in full transition and with admirable potential, the University of Fribourg favours innovative projects, ambitious projects and projects that offer opportunities for the next generation of scientists and talented personalities.

It is particularly involved in the themes of:

  • teaching and pedagogical innovation
  • societal impact and sustainability

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Education and pedagogical innovation

Learning Lab Human-IST

Since this year, the Human-IST Institute has been offering a CAS and a MAS in the field of interaction technologies.


Pedagogical Innovation Laboratory

CERF's Laboratory for Pedagogical Innovation (LIP) is a place dedicated to conception-oriented research, also known as design-based research. 


Teaching through the senses

The Department of Special Education is developing new methods to support people with autism spectrum disorders in the field of food education.


Societal impact and sustainability

Big data, Society & Privacy

A large part of our decisions and actions today are based on algorithms, i.e. methods using data analysis storage. New technologies make it possible to continuously analyze huge amounts of data.



SmartLiving Lab

EPFL, the University of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg and the University of Fribourg make significant contributions to the technical, societal and economic challenges facing the development of the built environment.

Smart Living Lab

VMI Social Entrepreneurship

Non-Profit Organizations vs Profit Organizations? Social entrepreneurship is defined by an entrepreneurial effort, such as that often attributed to start-ups, for example.


Science and health

Swiss integrative Center for Human Health

Inspired by the Prometheus myth, SICHH brings high potential academic research to market by creating an integrative ecosystem for industries to develop innovative technologies.

Découvrir SICHH

Autistic Disorders and Nutrition

People with autism tend to focus on a particular type of food, which impacts both their health and their social life.