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    58 publications
    Article. Carli Ochs, Caroline Gahrmann, Andreas Sonderegger, Learning in hybrid classes: the role of off-task activities, Scientific Reports (18.1.2024)
    Conférence. Quentin Meteier, Marine Capallera, Emmanuel De Salis, Leonardo Angelini, Stefano Carrino, Omar Abou Khaled, Elena Mugellini, Andreas Sonderegger, Effect of Obstacle Type and Cognitive Task on Situation Awareness and Takeover Performance in Conditionally Automated Driving, 3.4.2023
    Article. Quentin Meteier, Marine Capallera, Emmanuel de Salis, Leonardo Angelini, Stefano Carrino, Marino Widmer, Omar Abou Khaled, Elena Mugellini, Andreas Sonderegger, A dataset on the physiological state and behavior of drivers in conditionally automated driving, Data in Brief (4.2023)
    Chapitre de livre. Charly Blanc, Lionel Boudry, Andreas Sonderegger, Julien Nembrini, Sarah Dégallier-Rochat, Empowering Production Workers to Program Robots: A No-Code, Skill-Based Approach (2023)
    Article. Jenny S. Wesche, Frederike Hennig, Christopher Sebastian Kollhed, Jessica Quade, Sören Kluge, Andreas Sonderegger, People’s reactions to decisions by human vs. algorithmic decision-makers: the role of explanations and type of selection tests, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (27.10.2022)
    Article. Jenny S. Wesche and Markus Langer and Andreas Sonderegger and Richard N. Landers, Editorial to the virtual Special Issue: Human-automation interaction in the workplace: A broadened scope of paradigms, Computers in Human Behavior 134 (9.2022), p. 107335
    Article. S. Thuillard and M. Adams and G. Jelmini and S. Schmutz and A. Sonderegger and J. Sauer, When humans and computers induce social stress through negative feedback: Effects on performance and subjective state, Computers in Human Behavior 133 (8.2022), p. 107270
    Article. Meteier, Q. and De Salis, E. and Capallera, M. and Widmer, M. and Angelini, L. and Abou Khaled, O. and Sonderegger, A. and Mugellini, E., Relevant Physiological Indicators for Assessing Workload in Conditionally Automated Driving, Through Three-Class Classification and Regression, Frontiers in Computer Science 3 (2022)
    Livre. de Salis, E. and Meteier, Q. and Pelletier, C. and Capallera, M. and Angelini, L. and Sonderegger, A. and Khaled, O.A. and Mugellini, E. and Widmer, M. and Carrino, S., Clustering of Drivers’ State Before Takeover Situations Based on Physiological Features Using Unsupervised Machine Learning (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, 2022) 550-555
    Article. Jenny S. Wesche and Andreas Sonderegger, Repelled at first sight? Expectations and intentions of job-seekers reading about AI selection in job advertisements, Computers in Human Behavior 125 (12.2021), p. 106931

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