The Department of Multilingualism and Foreign Language Education offers three Bachelor minor programmes:

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Study plans (in French and German only).

  • German as a foreign language (DaF) as minor programme (60 ECTS)

    This study programme teaches the student, in theory and practice, how German as a foreign language is taught and learned. The basics of the description, planning, designing, analysis and evaluation of the language learning processes are thereby deepened. This programme also provides insights into intercultural communication, cultural studies and the use of literature in teaching foreign languages.
    The bachelor programme for German as a Foreign Language at the University of Fribourg is unique in Switzerland. Students, who are enrolled in a main programme at another Swiss university, can therefore apply to enrol in the study programme as visiting students.
    This study programme is also characterised by the close contact with the Institute of Multilingualism and with the Language Centre and profits from an ideal environment due to the multilingualism in Fribourg.

  • French as a foreign language (FLE) as minor programme (60 ECTS)

    The bachelor programme «French as a foreign language» (FLE) provides theoretical and practical training for teaching FLE to a range of target groups, including children and adults.
    The course is delivered through lessons and seminars to consolidate various aspects of students' knowledge of French – linguistics, language acquisition, didactics, culture and interculturality – in relation to teaching and learning.
    The Fribourg University's FLE bachelor programme is based on a multilingual approach in more than one way: the multilingual environment that is a feature of the city of Fribourg, the placing of FLE studies in the «Multilingualism and Foreign Language Education» Domain, and the links with the research conducted at the Institute of Multilingualism.

  • Rhaeto-Romance as minor programmes (60 ECTS or 30 ECTS)

    The Rhaeto-Romance course is devoted to the varied linguistic forms in the Romansh-speaking area of the canton of Grisons. Who uses Rhaeto-Romance in today's society, and how and when? What is the position of Romansh people in the trilingual canton of Grisons and in quadrilingual Switzerland? What are the subjects and traditions which shape Rhaeto-Romance literature? These and other questions are covered by Rhaeto-Romance students. At the University of Fribourg, the emphasis is on linguistics, but literature is an integral part of the course.
    Students acquire the broad basic knowledge required to pursue a career in Rhaeto-Romance institutions, the media or teaching and/or to continue their studies to master level.
    The bachelor programme requires thorough knowledge of at least one variant of Rhaeto-Romance (idiom or Rumantsch Grischun). Some classes are taught in German.


Students wishing to teach at secondary level 1 in Swiss schools have the choice between four different Bachelor programs preparing them to foreign language teaching (BA_S1). Each program equals 50 ECTS credits.

  • German as a Foreign Language (DaF)
  • French as a Foreign Language (FLE) 
  • Italian as a Foreign Language (ILS)
  • Rhaeto-Romance

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