Workshop and Book SymposiumPublié le 12.03.2023

The Nature of Conscious Subjects and Their Experiences

Workshop: The Nature of conscious subjects and their experiences

Thursday, May 25th – Salle Jäggi (Room MIS04 4112)

11:00               Welcome

11:15-13:00       Robert Howell (Southern Methodist University, Dallas)
“Pro-Self or No-Self: Arguments for and against the existence of a subject”

14:30-16:15         Léa Salje (University of Leeds)
“Remember Me?: memory and the first person concept”

16:45-18:30         Matt Duncan (Rhode Island College, Providence)
“Consciousness as a Cross-Temporal Tapestry”

Friday, May 26th – Salle Jäggi (Room MIS04 4112)

09:30-11:15         Henry Taylor (University of Birmingham)
“Experiences are subjects instantiating properties at times”

11:45-13:30         Hagit Benbaji (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba)
“The Double Transparency of Emotions”

15:00-16:45         Charles Siewert (Rice University, Houston)
“The Experience of Self-Expression”

17:15-18:00         Round table discussion

Book Symposium: Self-Awareness and the Elusive Subject (Oxford University Press) by Robert Howell (Southern Methodist University, Dallas)

Saturday, May 27th – Salle Jäggi (Room MIS04 4112)

10.30                   Introductory remarks

10.50-11.40        The Knowledge Argument and the Subject of Experience (chapter 2) 

12.00-12.50        Introspective Elusiveness (chapter 3)

14.30-15.20        Against Subjective Character (chapter 4)                         

15.40-16.30        Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness (chapter 5)

16.50-17.40        I-Thoughts and Self-Awareness (chapter 6)