MA-Séminaire / MA-Seminar: Introspection et réflexion phénoménologique / Introspection and phenomenological reflection (leh, eme)

Enseignant(s): Bugnon Julien, Nida-Rümelin Martine
Cursus: Master
Type d'enseignement: Séminaire
Langue(s) du cours: Anglais et/ou Français
Semestre(s): SP-2022

Each of us has a special kind of access to their own present mental states. We can reflect upon what we are presently thinking or experiencing and thereby gain knowledge about ourselves. This is at least what a theorist who believes in the existence of introspection endorses. Philosophers disagree about the existence of introspection, about the nature of introspection and about the role it can play in the acquisition of knowledge. Phenomenological reflection is closely related to introspection. It is an intellectual enterprise aiming at general knowledge e.g. about the human mind or about the nature of consciousness in a way which crucially involves introspection. Various philosophers consider phenomenological reflection an important tool in philosophy. Others deny that introspection (and so phenomenological reflection) can play any role in the acquisition of general knowledge. – We will discuss these questions and related issues based on careful analysis of recent contributions to the debate. We will have a close look at texts using phenomenological reflection as a philosophical tool.

Pour la participation au séminaire une bonne maitrise d’une des deux langues (anglais / français) est requise. Pour l’autre langue une connaissance passive est souhaitable.