Gianfranco Soldati

Prof Dr


Soldati works on phenomenology, mind and knowledge.

Among other things he is interested in problems related to self-knowledge and in the philosophical analysis of experience.

He is professor for modern and contemporary philosophy at the Philosophy Departement of  Fribourg University.

He was editor of Dialectica and a member of the scientific council of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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  • Publications
    66 publications

    Prospects of a deflationary theory of self-knowledge
    Soldati, G. (Studia Philosophica, 2013) | Livre

    Bedeutung und psychischer Gehalt: Eine Untersuchung zur sprachanalytischen Kritik von Husserls früher Phänomenologie
    Soldati (Leiden, Niederlande: Brill | mentis, 1994), ISBN: 978-3-89785-023-1 | Livre

    European Review of Philosophy, 1: Philosophy of Mind
    Gianfranco Soldati, éd. par Gianfranco Soldati (Center for the Study of Language and Inf, 1994) | Livre

    Wittgenstein: Literat und Philosoph
    Frank, M. and Soldati, G. (Neske, 1989), ISBN: 9783788503192 | Livre

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