General information

This portal is meant to answer the questions of researchers who are interested in pursuing an academic career within their field of expertise. You will find here all the information you may need at the Beginning of, During, or After the Postdoc.

Your PostDoc can be started after obtaining your PhD. The duration of a PostDoc is not defined and can drastically differ between the faculties.

During the PostDoc you should collect the experiences necessary to start your own research activity. A Postdoc can profit from the support of many different funding instruments that can initially be used to cover his/her salary and gradually will allow him/her to pay for collaborators, equipment, etc. essentially for his/her research activity.

Starting Posdoc

A Postdoc has to fix his/her objectives from the very beginning, and to carefully negotiate his/her working conditions.


During Postdoc

2-5 years after the end of the PhD thesis, a Postdoc should typically have reached the qualifications to access the funding Associate (or Senior Assistant or Junior Group Leader), which is nice to have but not formally required to pursue an academic career.


After Postdoc

4-9 years after the end of the PhD thesis, a researcher should have a record (concerning both his/her research activity and teaching activity) ready to apply for Professorship grants, e. g., grants financing a temporary position of Associate Professor.