50 Years "Leuenberg Agreement" Published on 31.01.2023

In 2023, the 50th anniversary of the Leuenberg Agreement will e celebrated with several events.

In 1973, the Lutheran, Reformed and United Churches in Europe agreed on Church communion. This resulted in the "Community of Protestant Churches in Europe" (CPCE). Several conferences are dedicated to the ecclesiological and ecclesial questions connected with this Church communion.

On 17/18 February the "Konfessionskundliches Institut" in Bensheim" is holding a conference on "50 Years of Leuenberg. A European Concord in Confessional Perspective".

An international meeting will take place in Debrecen/Hungary from 9-11 March 2023, entitled "Being Church Together".

The "Evangelical Federation" (Evangelischer Bund) invites to its 113th General Assembly in Ulm from 5-7 October 2023 and will also focus on "50 years of Leuenberg".