All about us25.08.2021

Our annual report

The latest annual report from the Adolphe Merkle Insitute is now online. This edition touches on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on AMI's activities, but more importantly highlights our scientists' research achievements and other activities. The research topics covered include the application of silica nanoparticles to stimulate the immune response of plants to pathogens, the design of muscle-imitating polymer actuators for soft robotics applications, a new application of atomic force microscopy to image proteins that are responsible for Alzheimer’s Disease, and creating metamaterials for sensing systems. The report also presents two independent projects of junior researchers that address pressing environmental issues. Our newly minted Assistant Professor Jovana Milic is developing the scientific basis for more sustainable photovoltaic technologies, while postdoc Roman Lehner set up the Sail and Explore association to collect samples from the oceans and to monitor the distribution of microplastic pollution. Innovation and technology transfer are not forgotten. Translating research outcomes into practical useful processes or new technologies is an essential part of the institute’s mission. In this report, the status of four start-up ventures that are at different stages of the spin-off process -


, Swiss NanoAnalytics, Hemolytics, and the early-stage nanofertilizer project - is briefly presented.

Read the report (pdf) here: