Prof. Jonas WellendorfÉtudes scandinaves, University of California, Berkeley


Curriculum vitae
He wrote his doctoral dissertation on vision literature and has also published on runes, The saga of king Sverrir (and Saxo Grammaticus), the Icelandic bishops’ chronicle Hungrvaka, the Icelandic Book of Settlements, Old Norse cosmology, hagiography, idolatry, mythology, and many other topics. Common to these studies is that the Old Norse texts are studied against the backdrop of a wider classical and medieval Latin tradition.

Wellendorf’s recent book Gods and Humans in Medieval Scandinavia: Retying the Bonds examines the changing understandings of pre-Christian Scandinavian myth and religion in the period ca. 1200–ca. 1700.


Domaines de recherches
Old Norse language and literature, Scandinavian mythology, Scandinavian cultural history (Viking Age and Middle ages); Old Norse-Icelandic literature, textual culture and language, Viking and Medieval Scandinavia, medieval understandings of the past, medieval views on language, Old Norse-Icelandic learned literature (including grammatical, theological and mythological literature and literature on poetics), medieval translations, medieval modes of interpretation, the Latin/vernacular interface.