How to access the BSI Platform

The BSI Platform is part of the Medicine Department, Faculty of Science, University of Fribourg, and is open to collaborators from the University of Fribourg as well as to external users.  

The NIBSI Platform is dedicated exclusively to scientific research and cannot be utilized for clinical diagnosis or treatment. 

The procedure for gaining access to the BSI Platform is fast and simple.

Researchers interested in accessing to the platform must contact the NIBSI Platform director ( to briefly explain their needs. On this basis, we could then assess whether and how we can best help you (need for technical support, equipement availability, safety issues, etc).


The fees will be maintained at cost price and proposed on demand based on the specific needs of each projet. 


Dr Lucas Spierer

Office 02.108b
Dept of Neurosciences and Movement Science
Ch. du Musée 5, PER09
1700 Fribourg
 026 300 8548