Multimedia information for invited speakers

 Invited speakers information:

  • The university of Fribourg supports Microsoft Office 2019 x64 english (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Physiology's PC run under Windows 10 Enterprise x64 english.
  • The university of Fribourg supports Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  • The beamer resolution is 1024x768 with VGA male or HDMI female input.
  • Sound is possible on high speakers.
  • For PowerPoint presentations, please check that:
    • The size of the incorporated images is not larger than needed (could cause some problem if too big).
    • The slides transitions is not "exotic" (compatibility problem for custom transitions).
    • Do not use (if possible) Visual Basic macros in your presentation (problem of security).
    • The institute will propose a portable PC to the participants (NO MACINTOSH).
      A good procedure would be to send your meeting's presentation in advance to Abdul Dulloo and we will
      install it on the presentation's PC. Otherwise take your own portable.
      Find here after the PC's specification:
      • USB ports.
      • DVD reader / CD writer.
      • Analog graphic card min. 1024x768.
      • Windows Media Player v12 for video files (no third part codec installed).
      • PC protected by firewall & antivirus Microsoft forefront endpoint protection.



Good practices:

  • Start your presentation file name with your own last name inside to facilitate the file opening
  • (i.e.: my_presentation.pptx -> Dulloo_my_presentation.pptx).
  • Or put your document(s) on the physiology's pc 45 minutes before your presentation.
  • If you have a Macintosh, take the VGA video cable for beamer with you
    (beamer cable is male, so take a VGA female cable at the beamer side).