Instructions for posters abstract's submission

  1. The entire abstract must be contained within the frame 15 cm wide x 16 cm high.
  2. Poster size (max): 180 cm wide x 110 cm high.
  3. Abstracts must be submitted exclusively in English.
  4. The abstract must be single-spaced, using 12 point type-size, Times New Roman typeface.
    Use "superscript" or "subscript" formatting instead of "raised" or "lowered", where necessary.
  5. When printing your abstract, use only black ink with a high resolution quality.
  6. Give the title in UPPER CASE, followed by the authors' names and one correspondence address.
    Do not centre, start at the left margin of the frame.
  7. Skip one line.
  8. Type the body of the abstract single-spaced. Indent the start of each new paragraph by three spaces.
  9. The abstract will be reduced by 70 % of its original size. Direct reproduction from your printed
    copy will mean that any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced exactly
    as you type them, so please take care in preparing your abstract.
  10. You may reproduce your results in the form of tables or in the form of figures, but please
    remember that they too will be reduced in size to 70 % and should be included only if they will
    still be clearly egible at this reduction.
  11. Non-proprietary (generic) names, written in lower case, are required the first time a drug is
    mentioned. Proprietary names may not be used.