The teaching in Neurology during the third year of medical school at the University of Fribourg is given by the Professor Jean-Marie Annoni, with the help from members of the LCNS. The teaching also includes courses on neuroradiology, pathology and pharmacology.

The teaching is organized as follow:

  • Lectures (18h)
  • Problem-oriented learning (2x2h with groups of 10 students)
  • Clinical competence (8h with groups of 5 students)

At the end this formation, students should understand and be able to describe:

  1. The specificity of the neurological approach, the concept of neurological syndrome and of anatomo-clinical correlation.
  2. The characteristics of the following syndromes : pyramidal, extrapyramidal, cerebrovascular, thalamic, alternates, medullar, peripheral.
  3. The etiopathology and six of the main pathology in Neurology (stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, polyradiculoneuritis, polyneuropathy) as well as the classical trauma and brain injuries, neurogenic medullar stroke and the most common myopathies
  4. List the basic clinical investigation principles
  5. The basics of treatment, therapeutic education and rehabilitation for each of the pathologies listed in point 3.


Course handout are available on theMoodle plateform