The Laboratory for Cognitive and Neurological Sciences (LCNS) is an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, bio-medical and medicine students directed by the Prof. Annoni. This structure is involved in the teaching of serval clinical technic like the neuroimaging (EEG, MRI, TMS, tDCS). We welcome Bachelor, Master and PhD students from all fields of cognitive neurosciences.


Our research group works between the Section of Medicine Neurology Unit of the University and Hospital of Fribourg, with part of the team combining research with a clinical activity. We collaborate closely with the Neuropsychology Unit, the Memory Clinic and the Rehabilitation Unit of the 'Hôpital cantonal de Fribourg'.


Within the Medicine Secton, we share several projects with Dr. Spierer's Laboratory for Neurorehabilitation Science (LNS).


Please visit the LCNS members' individual profile pages for more information.