Annoni Research Group

Laboratory for Cognitive and Neurological Sciences (LCNS)

The Laboratory for Cognitive and Neurological Sciences investigates the anatomo-functional organization of the healthy and neurological brain using neuroimaging and non-invasive brain stimulation methods.



June 2021: Prof. Jean-Marie Annoni gave an interview "Optimisme et prudence face à un médicament contre Alzheimer" on RadioFR: Link to the podcast

March 2021: Dr. Schwab in collaboration with the Prof. Annoni received a grant from the FNS/SNF for their project "Linguistic, cognitive, and neural predictors in the ability to detect and learn L2 stress: The impact of L1, musical aptitude, phonological awareness, auditory working memory and brain activation"

Nov 2020: Dr. Chabwine received a grant from the HFR "The predictive value of posttraumatic stress disorders (PTSD), mood disorders and their biomarkers in the transition from acute to chronic low back pain"

Oct 2020: Prof Annoni participate at the "Café Scientifique" on "Global Ethic Day - étique, science et médecine: mariage de raison ou mariage d'amour ? " and on to the facebook videolink to RadioFR poadcast