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Published on 09.10.2023

Master students of the faculty visit the Siggenthal cement plant of Holcim

The students of the seminar "Case Studies in International Strategy" led by Prof. Rudolf Grünig had the opportunity to visit the Siggenthal cement plant of Holcim on October 5th. The CEO of Holcim Switzerland, Simon Kronenberg gave an introduction of Holcim. Then Ram Muthu, Head of Group Strategy explained to the three working groups their analysis and planning tasks. Afterwards, there was a tour through the plant and the quarry. The visit ended with a delicious lunch at the canteen.

All participants from the University of Fribourg were deeply impressed by the sustainability efforts of Holcim Switzerland and in particular of the Siggenthal plant. The company has already achieved a lot in short time and defined ambitious goals for the future. This deserves great respect!

Based on the briefing, the three working groups will carry out analysis of markets and derive growth strategies. On 4th of december they will present their solutions in front of Jan Jenisch, Chairman and CEO of Holcim Group.