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PresentationPublished on 12.04.2022

Sandro Piffaretti: Corporate strategy of Swiss Automotive Group

The University of Fribourg had the honor and big pleasure to welcome Sandro Piffaretti, Owner & Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swiss Automotive Group AG (SAG), for a conference on 4th of April this year. SAG is an international car spare parts dealer with a turnover of over CHF 1.5 billion. Sandro Piffaretti was talking about the development of the corporate strategy of his company.

The presentation gave the undergraduate students of the course “Strategisches Management” and “Management stratégique” a useful insight into the elaboration of a strategy in a company. One thing Sandro Piffaretti strongly highlighted was that it is important to do what you do the best and like to do.

After the presentation a question and answer session took place about topics such as if external people were asked to help to develop the corporate strategy, how useful his experience in audit is and what are the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine on his company.