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    Sonstiges. Marianne Richter, Dominik Schoebi, Rejection sensitivity in intimate relationships: Implications for perceived partner responsiveness , 2023
    Artikel. Balzarini, R.N. and Muise, A. and Zoppolat, G. and Di Bartolomeo, A. and Rodrigues, D.L. and Alonso-Ferres, M. and Urganci, B. and Debrot, A. and Bock Pichayayothin, N. and Dharma, C. and Chi, P. and Karremans, J.C. and Schoebi, D. and Slatcher, R.B., Love in the Time of COVID: Perceived Partner Responsiveness Buffers People From Lower Relationship Quality Associated With COVID-Related Stressors, Social Psychological and Personality Science 14.3 (2023), S. 342-355


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