Seminar on International Contracts & Arbitration

The Seminar on International Contracts & Arbitration, which will be organised for the last time in Spring 2023, deals with typical issues of disputes arising in connection with international contracts and their resolution in arbitral proceedings. The first part of the Seminar comprises several lecture-type sessions (March 2023), which will discuss the fundamentals of international contracts and arbitration (with external experts). The second part includes a moot court arbitration proceeding based on a practical case of international contracts (April/May 2023). Students may now pre-register for the Seminar by e-mail on a "first come first served" basis. Those who have successfully enrolled for the Seminar will receive all relevant information and reading materials by e-mail and/or on Moodle by December.



Date Topic   Documents
16.03.2023 (09-12h) General Introduction/Fundamentals     
16.03.2023 (13-16h) M & A and Arbitration    
24.03.2023 (15-18h) Interpretation of International Contracts    
31.03.2023 (09-12h) Standard Clauses in International Contracts    
31.03.2023 (12h) Handout of practical case /assignment    
21.04.2023 (24.00) Submission of Claimant's Brief    
15.05.2023 (24.00) Submission of Respondent's Brief    
22.05.2023 (all day) Moot Court (pleadings & deliberation)     
27.05.2023 (24.00) Award by Arbitral Tribunal    
1.06.2023 (13.15-16.00h) Feedback session, course evaluation