The LLM/CAS classes generally take place within the Beauregard campus of the Fribourg University. Some classes are organized in our partners’ offices (Lalive Law Firm, Baker&McKenzie) or in the partner universities of Bern and Neuchâtel.

Classes take usually 4 hours a day, which allows you to attend language classes or have a part time job/internship while studying.

Libraries and on-line ressources

Moodle is an online teaching platform in which you will find most of the academic information related to our LLM: reading materials, tasks and assignments, academic calendar and exams related information.

Student may find additional information, access books and databases in the Fribourg Law School Library.


Examinations usually take place at the end of each semester. Some courses are graded through in-class exercises or take-home examination. Some examinations are optional, they are clearly indicated.

The type, date, time, place of an exam as well as number of ECTS credits allocated are described in the Exam Schedule document on Moodle. Exam topics for take home exams are also communicated on Moodle.

In Switzerland, grades rank from 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest). The passing grade is 4. In order to graduate, a student must have an average of 4. Please note that the average is not an arithmetic average (sum of grades divided by the number of exams) but is weighted with ECTS credits. The LLM staff can provide you with information on your current academic situation and issue, upon request, non-official transcripts of grades. The final and official transcript of grades is delivered upon graduation.

Academic activities give right to a number of ECTS credits. Credits are notably allocated for exams and internships. Credits from other Fribourg University courses may be accounted for in our LLM with the prior approval of the directors.



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