Prof. Epiney elected as rectorPublished on 29.04.2018

The University Senate appoints Astrid Epiney as rector

Her second mandate as rector will start on February 1, 2019 and will last for 5 years. According to the Fribourg Cantonal Law on the University, the election needs to be ratified by the State Council (cantonal government).

Structure of the University governing bodies
The Rectorate is the management and executive body of the University. It sets the University's general policy, elaborates and implements the development strategy and ensures the University's ties with the public authorities as well as with other teaching and research organisations.

The Rectorate is composed of the rector and 4 vice-rectors. The heads of departments and the general secretary attend the sessions of the Rectorate with a consultative vote.

The Senate is the deliberative body of the University. It is composed of 12 members, 6 of which are appointed by the Canton of Fribourg and 6 by the Fribourg University community. The Senate is charged with the strategic, qualitative, financial and legislative tasks. It also appoints the members of the rectorate.