Introduction to Swiss Law

Enseignant(s): Achermann Raja-Marie, Stöckli Hubert
Cursus: Master
Type d'enseignement: Cours
Langue(s) du cours: Anglais
Semestre(s): SA-2021

The semester course "Introduction to Swiss Law" introduces the students to key aspects of Swiss Law (including the role of Public International Law and European Law in Switzerland).

The course consists of the following eight modules which are taught by the respective specialists:

– A brief history of everything

– The Swiss Constitution and what it stands for

– The system of succession law and some challenges ahead

– How Swiss contract law deals with consumers in general and standard contracts in particular

– Modern familiy concepts and family law in Switzerland

– The Swiss criminal law: crimes and sanctions

– International Law as it relates to Swiss Law

– Switzerland and the European Union

In order to give you a chance to follow the "Blockkurse"/"Cours blocs" in weeks 1-3 of the semester, the course will start in the fourth week of the fall semester. It will from then take place every Thursday (except where noted otherwise in the course program) from 12:15 pm to 3.00 pm.

NB: Please note that the course is exclusively open to exchange students at the University of Fribourg (regular students are not admitted to this course).


Students take a 2-hours written examination.


By visiting the course our students will

– gain insight into the most important areas of Swiss Law;

– learn about the main sources of law (enacted law and decisions of the Federal Supreme Court);

– learn about specifities of Swiss Law in comparison to foreign legislations.

The acquired knowledge enables students to critically compare and contrast rules of substantive Swiss Law with the law of their home countries



Documentation will be made available in the respective course on the platform "moodle".