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The Institute of Federalism is recognised both nationally and internationally as a centre of expertise in the field of governance. For nearly 30 years the Institute has been producing academic analyses of the responsibilities which lie with a government and of the conflicts of interest it faces in performing its tasks. These include fulfilling the duties of a government in line with needs but economically, acting in accordance with democratic legitimacy, taking the different sections of society into account and protecting the rights of individuals and minorities.

The research, services and educational courses provided by the Institute of Federalism of the University of Fribourg facilitate better definition and development of good governmental organisation with practical and academically substantiated input.

The Institute is headed by Prof. Eva Maria Belser and Prof. Bernhard Waldmann. The directors draw on the support of a team comprising academic and administrative employees.

The Institute of Federalism is affiliated to the Law Faculty of the University of Fribourg. Both members of the management board hold positions as university chairs in constitutional and administrative law, which ensures a close working relationship between the University and the Institute. The Institute also works with the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights, where it is responsible for «institutional issues».


Il nostro istituto è affiliato all'Università di Friburgo e riprende perciò le sue lingue di comunicazione cioè francese, tedesco e inglese. Nonostante il carattere nazionale dell’Istituto, si è rinunciato alla traduzione del sito web in italiano. In ogni caso, l’Istituto è tradotto in italiano come «Istituto di Federalismo».

Noss institut è affilià a l'Universitad da Friburg e surpiglia perquai sias linguas da communicaziun, damai franzos, tudestg ed englais. Malgrà il caracter naziunal da l‘institut desistin nus d’ina translaziun da nossa pagina d’internet en rumantsch. Il num da noss institut en rumantsch è «Institut da Federalissem».


Institute of Federalism

University of Fribourg
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