All Roads Lead to Fribourg

The Fribourg Bachelor programme offers students the broadest-based foundation in legal studies available in Switzerland. In the Masters programme they then have the opportunity to focus on the areas of their own special interests. The academic diversity of the faculty and the wide range of internationally renowned research institutes at Fribourg Law also makes it an ideal setting for the pursuit of doctoral studies.

The solid legal foundation provided at Fribourg, combined with the broad spectrum of  specialisations available provides graduates with countless career opportunities. A Fribourg Law degree is widely respected by employers, who know from experience that Fribourg graduates are schooled not only in private law, public law, criminal law, and European and international law, but also in the lawyering skills of debating, reasoning, negotiating, and explaining.

The 30plus programme offers students from all parts of Switzerland, aged 30 or above, who do not hold a matriculation certificate, the chance to pursue the study of law at the University of Fribourg.

Practice-oriented learning

Students have the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in practical training with renowned professors and legal practitioners from many fields, who contribute as guests to numerous master-level courses. Offerings also include a wide variety of Moot Courts (simulated courtroom proceedings), clinics, and seminars. A newly introduced coaching programme – "Next" – provides students with hands-on training for launching their professional careers. The clear structure of the Bachelor programme and the freedom of choice provided by the Masters programme make it possible for students who so desire to work part-time during their studies.

Wide diversity of subjects

Fribourg Law professors are recognised throughout Switzerland as leading experts in their fields, as the authors of standard reference works, and as members of national and international legislative commissions. They oversee course offerings in some 35 specific areas of legal studies, along with the activities of five research institutes devoted to the study of federalism, European law, religious law, construction law, and law and economics.

As part of a wide-ranging international network, Fribourg Law offers students numerous opportunities for enriching their experience with studies abroad at one of the over 100 institutions with whom exchange programs have been set up.

High standards of legal scholarship

Fribourg Law professors are major contributors to the legal literature. Their commentaries and expert opinions are indispensable to the practice of law and the legislative process in Switzerland. The high standard of scholarship at Fribourg has had a lasting impact on the quality of Swiss and international law studies in the country. Students and doctoral candidates at Fribourg have a unique opportunity to become a part of this scholarly community.

Over the past decades the conferences and other continuing education events organised by the Fribourg Law faculty have gained recognition throughout Switzerland. Each year, special conferences on construction law, road traffic law, and social welfare law, along with seminars on legislation held at Murten, attract thousands of specialists.


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