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    Article. Vera Fischer, Sanne Wøhlk, A logic-based Benders decomposition solution approach for two covering problems that consider the underlying transportation, Computers & Operations Research (12.2023)
    Autre. Fischer, V. and Paneque, M. Pacheco and Legrain, A. and Bürgy, R., A capacitated multi-vehicle covering tour problem on a road network and its application to waste collection , 2022
    Chapitre de livre. Meritxell Pacheco Paneque, Vera Fischer, Reinhard Bürgy, A Facility Location Problem with Minimum Workload and Penalties for Waste Collection, in Operations Research Proceedings 2021 (2022)
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    Efficient and sustainable waste collection
    Début: 01.09.2019 - Fin: 31.08.2022