Introduction to field theory (lecture and exercises)

Teacher(s): Leuenberger Christoph
Level: Bachelor
Type of lesson: Exercise, Lecture
ECTS: 3.5
Language(s): German, English
Semester(s): SP-2023
- Brief review of non-relativistic quantum mechanics.
- The Klein-Gordon equation.
- The Dirac equation.
- The Maxwell equations.
- Quantizing the Klein-Gordon field.
- Quantizing the Dirac field: electrons and positrons.
- Quantizing the electromagnetic field.
- Interacting fields: S matrix, Dyson expansion and Feynman diagrams.

Training aims

Introduction to field theory
On successfull completion of the course, the student will be able to :
• identify everywhere the key formulas of field theory,
• apply field theory to specific physics problems,
• access to more elaborate field theory like QCD.


Lancaster, Blundell: „Quantum Field Theory for the Gifted Amateur“, Oxford UP (2014)