Web engineering

Teacher(s): Abou Khaled Omar, Felber Pascal, Mugellini Elena
Level: Master
Type of lesson: Exercise, Lecture
Language(s): English, French
Semester(s): SA-2017
The main objective of the course is to lay the foundations for understanding the discipline of Web Engineering. The course will provide students with a global view of all what concern the web: from emerging modeling approach (such as Document Engineering and MDA - Model Driven Architecture), to cutting-edge technologies (.NET, Web Security, Cloud Computing, RIA, etc.), to advanced semantic-enabled support for information architectures (Semantic Web, Ontologies, etc.). The course combines lectures and a mini-project. Different concepts and technologies seen in the theory sessions are applied with the practical part. For a detailed description of course content please look at: http://cyberlearn.hes-so.ch/course/category.php?id=136

Training aims

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Install, configure and manage a Web Server
- Design n-tier Web Application System
- Describe, compare and develop with a Web Framework (Java EE, .NET, Ruby-on-Rails, etc.)
- Design and use a database (Relational or Native XML Database)
- Define and apply different architecture modeling approaches (MDA, Document Engineering, etc.)
- Have a good working knowledge of next generation software business based on emerging Distributed Web Architecture (Cloud Computing and Semantic Web Services)
- Discuss and argue the ongoing evolution of the Web toward the "Semantic Web" and how it will foster and change communication between organizations, individuals and machines.