Profil de recherche

The centre's research focus lies on the intersection of faith, church, and society and aims to contribute to a fruitful relationship between these areas. Correspondingly, its projects could be seen as contributions to "public theology", given the relevance of theology for societal issues and the relevance of societal questions for theological reflection.

In addition to critical theological research on the role of religion and specifically the Christian faith in the various public spheres of plural societies, the centre carries out practice-related projects to engage academic theology with social and pastoral fields of action. In the centre's research activities, interdisciplinary, interdenominational and interreligious approaches complement each other.

Characteristic for the centre are numerous international cooperations brought together around a theologically reflected renewal of the faith, church and society against the background of worldwide ecumenism.

Current research focuses on these themes:

  • Public theology
  • Theology of technology
  • Trans- and technological posthumanism
  • Anthropology in the digital transformation (artificial intelligence, artificial life) or spirit, life, being
  • Ecclesiology, spirituality and faith in the secular and technological age
  • Peace and reconciliation studies
  • Inter-religious perspectives on religion and sustainable development (SDGs)
  • Interrelation of Christian churches, culture and society in Europe