Series: Glaube und Gesellschaft (G&G)

The series Glaube und Gesellschaft (G&G) is a sub-series of the Studia Oecumenica Friburgensia (SOF) and serves the publication and dissemination of the theological concerns of the Study Center. It publishes selected monographs as well as collected volumes which have resulted from the Study Days on Theological and Social Renewal. Most works are in German.

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Volume IX «Reise durch das Alte Testament» from Stefan Wenger [German]


The book will not be available in stores until September 1. For an earlier purchase, please contact us directly.

Volume VIII «Für das Leben der Welt» from Mirsolav Volf and Matthew Croasmun [German]
Volume VII «Veni, Sancte Spiritus!» Festschrift in Honor of Barbara Hallensleben's 60th birthday [German]

The request for the coming of the Holy Spirit is part of the mission of the Church. This request unites Christians of all traditions. It also accompanies and carries the common longing for the visible unity of the Church and her common witness to the great hope of the Gospel for all creation.

This volume includes contributions from the fourth annual Study Days for the Renewal of Theology and Society on the theme 'Come, Holy Spirit!' The volume is supplemented by a series of contributions from colleagues and friends who, on her 60th birthday, thank Professor Barbara Hallensleben for her many years of commitment to teaching and research in the fields of dogmatics and theology of ecumenism.

Volume VI: Looking Through the Cross by Graham Tomlin [German]
As part of its series ‘Faith and Society’, the Study Center for Faith and Society is proud to present a translation of Graham Tomlin's work to a German-speaking audience.
Looking Through the Cross is easy to read and  theologically profound. It offers surprising insights, inviting a meditative read. Indeed, Tomlin’s book encourages its readers prayerfully to internalize the insights gained, and to (re-)structure one’s life starting from the center of the Christian faith – the Cross.” (Dr. Stephan Wenger)Tomlin’s book was translated for the conference ‘Church Reloaded’ (Basel, 18 November 2017), where he gave the keynote address, speaking about the renewal of the Church in London.
Looking Through the Cross was Archbishop Justin Welby’s 2014 Lent Book. It is equally suitable for Advent or Christmas.
Volume V: In Other Words: The Seeker Will Be Found [German]
This volume contains five sermons preached at the Christian fellowship JAHU. The three authors translate theologically complex matters into simple language and using their creativity make them more accessible. This goal resonates with the Study Center's mission to foster dialogue between academic theology and the Church.
These sermons include creative means of communication beyond the spoken word. They are entertaining as well as informative. This volume was jointly edited by Professor Ralph Kunz (University of Zurich) and Professor Joachim Negel (University of Fribourg).
Volume IV: The Spirit of Plenty by Graham Tomlin [German]

“Graham Tomlin’s theology of the Holy Spirit questions a self-sufficient church, spiritual individualism and all-too-cosy secularism. His theology encourages us to live out our faith, allowing it to shape all aspects of life and to expect more from God. It invites the Church to play its part in God’s mission and to await His Kingdom joyfully.” (Professor Dr Matthias Zeindler, University of Bern)The Study Center is delighted to publish this highly relevant book in its German translation as the fourth volume of its series ‘Faith and Society’.

Volume III: Re-Imagining God’s Church [German]

The Study Center proudly presents Volume III of its own series, edited by Dr. Walter Dürr and Professor Dr Ralph Kunz. With its origins in in the center’s 2016 conference, this book encapsulates the center’s vision: to build bridges between academic theology and the Church for the benefit of both.


The volume includes twelve articles written by our 2016 conference speakers, based on their addresses during the conference. Their ecclesial backgrounds range from Reformed to Anglican to Catholic. The volume prides itself on its international contributors, such as the Rt. Revd. Dr.Graham Tomlin, Dr. Jane Williams and Professor Michael Herbst. Swiss universities are also well represented by contributions from the Universities of Fribourg (Professor Dr. Joachim Negel, Professor Dr. Xavier Amherdt, Dr. Gregor Emmenegger), Bern and Zurich.

Volume II: Walking Between the Worlds by Stefan Wenger [German]

Walking Between the Worlds is a novel written by Dr. Stefan Wenger. This volume has recently seen its third edition and is a novel summarizing the main ideas of the author’s doctoral thesis. Wenger addresses the question of how God, whose very essence is goodness, can allow suffering in this world. The novel makes for an excellent gift.

Volume I: Theological Education and Spirituality: How Academic Theology Can Inspire the Church [German]

The first volume of our series ‘Faith and Society’ articulates the vision of the Study Center: building bridges between academic theology and the Church for the benefit of both. Contributors to this volume include Walter Dürr, Ralph Kunz, Ulrich Luz, Martin Brüske, Gregor Emmenegger, N.T. Wright, Barbara Hallensleben and Bernhard Ott.


“It comes as no surprise that theological education is put to the test in our changing society. Theological education is oriented towards the Church of Jesus Christ, and therefore it is impossible to come to an understanding of its goals, contents and methods without considering the character and mission of the Church. The present volume contributes to this discourse from the perspective of biblical, historical and systematic theology. As a whole, the volume aims at reframing theological education, by both trusting in the Church’s own sources and displaying an openness to the challenges of today.” (Professor Dr. Matthias Zeindler, University of Bern)


“This highly inspiring book showcases how the gap between academia and the Church can be bridged. The JAHU Christian Fellowship, where this volume originated, manifests mutual enrichment between Christian life in community, and theological reflection.” (Dr. Wilf Gasser, Swiss Evangelical Alliance)