Jevgeniy Bluwstein

 +41 26 300 9255
+41 26 300 9255


Research interests:

  • political ecology of conservation:
    • land and resource conflicts
    • conservation governmentality and biopolitics
    • ecotourism
    • conservation science and expertise
    • critical landscape studies
    • decolonization of conservation
  • political ecology of climate mitigation:
    • socio-ecological transformation
    • climate movements, activism and civil disobedience
    • climate futures and ecoapartheid
    • climate litigation and the juridification of climate politics



  • political ecology (see Syllabus here)
  • environmental geography
  • political geography
  • environmental history
  • qualitative methods in social research
  • field course


Associate and book review editor - Geographica Helvetica

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Research and publications

  • 1) Journal articles
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  • 2) Book chapters
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  • 3) PhD thesis


    Bluwstein, J. 2018: “Biopolitical Landscapes. Governing People and Spaces through Conservation in Tanzania”, Unpublished PhD thesis, defended 2018.03.13, University of Copenhagen


  • 4) Book reviews
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  • 5) Essays & Op-eds

    Bluwstein, J. (2022). "People Live Here. Why are Ngorongoro's Maasai at risk of being evicted again? Tanzania's conservation-tourism industrial complex wants them out". Africa is a Country [translated in French and republished at AfriqueXXI]


    Loveless, S. and Bluwstein, J. (2022) "Marshall Urban Firestorm: On the Paradox of Greening America’s Suburbia"  EnviroSociety 


    Bluwstein, J., Brehony, P., Lund, J.F. 2018: „ Why conservation success stories in Tanzania need a closer look”. 2018.11.01, The Conversation


    de Rosa, S.P. and Bluwstein, J. 2017: “Why “Warning to Humanity” gets the socio-ecological crisis (and its solutions) wrong”. 2017.11.23, ENTITLE


    Lund, J.F., Bluwstein, J., Ronan, A., Rutt, R. 2017: “Ende Gelände: Exposing the climate hypocrisy of Western European democracies”. 2017.09.07, ENTITLE


    Bluwstein, J. and Rutt. R., 2017: “The Flint Water Crisis: Quests for Justice and Mechanisms of Suppression”. 2017.08.17, ENTITLE


    Lund, J.F., Bluwstein, J., Mabele, M.B., Scheba, A., Sungusia, E. 2016: ”Are conservation policies a driver of deforestation in Tanzania?”. 2016.11.15, Mongabay


  • 6) Policy letters


    Marks, N., Homewood, K., Bluwstein, J., Lund, J.F., et al. 2017: ”Realising the Promise of Tanzania’s Wildlife Management Areas”. ESPA Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation, Policy Brief, November 2017,


    Homewood, K., Bluwstein, J., Lund, J.F. et al. 2015: "The economic and social viability of Tanzanian Wildlife Management Areas". Copenhagen Centre for Development Research, Policy Brief No. 04, October 2015