Published on 17.03.2023

Two funded PhD positions in Sedimentology : Sedimentary Basin Dynamics and Biogeosphere Interactions

We seek 2 PhD-candidates interested in interdisciplinary research at the interface of Sedimentology, Basin Dynamics and Geobiosphere interactions. The PhD-positions frame within the SNF-funded research project ‘CONNECT: Paleo-Connectivity and Paleo-Hydrological change in an initial rift basin’. The overall aim of the CONNECT project is to understand the intermittent connectivity, connection pathways and complex hydrological exchange in an initial rift basin (northern Afar, Ethiopia – Eritrea) tuned by eustatism, climate change and volcano-tectonic processes.  On particular the CONNECT project aims to (1) constrain and localize the gateways connecting the Danakil Depression with the Red Sea during Pleistocene times and (2) constrain the paleohydrological and paleoenvironmental evolution of the northern Afar. This research project targets cross-boundary research with partners in Ethiopia, Eritrea, South-Africa, Germany, France, Austria and Spain.

The first PhD-project (PhD-position in sedimentary basin dynamics) will be mainly focusing on the spatial and temporal distribution/mapping, as well as dating of Pleistocene to Holocene sedimentary units based on outcrops, cores and seismic datasets. The second PhD-student (PhD-position in biogeosphere interactions) will be mainly focusing on the reconstruction of the paleohydrological and paleoenvironmental evolution of the northern Afar using sedimentary facies in core sections and outcrops (coral skeletons, evaporites, aragonite crusts and microbialites) as paleo-archives.

Applicants for both positions must have a MSc degree in Earth sciences or Geosciences. The candidate is expected to do fieldwork in extreme environments. Lab and/or field experience are welcome. The candidate should be proficient in English.

The desired start of the 2 PhD positions is between 01.06.23 and 01.10.23. The deadline for applications is 31.04.23.

Applications must include:

  • motivation letter,
  • one-page statement of research expertise,
  • detailed CV and publication list and/or copy of the MSc-work,
  • contact information of 3 reference persons,

Applications should be made via email in one single PDF file to Anneleen Foubert.