CAS Innovation Management & Intrapreneurship

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The iimt offers executive training programmes for leaders in technology-driven sectors.


Digital Technologies are leading to an economical and societal change. Previous business models and processes need to be adapted for competitive advantages in today’s environment. The Executive CAS Innovation Management & Intrapreneurship provides you with all necessary tools to develop and implement sustainable innovations, successful business models and strategies for outstanding performance.

All courses have an integrated view and are organised around central subject areas, the development of which has been identified by employers and economic experts as the basis for a successful management.

The Executive CAS Innovation Management & Intrapreneurship consists of the following course modules:

- Strategic Management 1
- Managing Innovation
- Design Thinking
- Lean StartUp
- Customer Insights

- Rapid Market Experimentation
- Facilitator

- and two elective modules you are free to choose


The iimt’s commitment is to prepare participants for high-level management careers in an increasingly global and digital environment.


Candidates require a degree from a University or University of Applied Sciences, at least 2 years of professional experience and a management position (or may be admitted “sur dossier”).

Responsable et intervenants


Teufel Stephanie, Prof. Dr.


University of Fribourg
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