Peace Mediation ProgrammePublished on 12.04.2022

Training Sessions in Federalism as part of Peace Mediation Programme for Civil Society from the Rakhine State, Myanmar

In collaboration with the Centre for Diversity and National Harmony, Myanmar, the IRCC carried out two online training sessions for participants of a peace mediation programme in the Rakhine State on the 23rd and 25th of March 2022. The sessions provided the participants with an overview of the Swiss federal system as well as the citizenship in Switzerland. Further topics that were covered included the role of federalism as a tool of conflict resolution, especially to accommodate linguistic and religious differences. The IRCC Resource persons were Thea Bächler, Katharina Fasel and Rekha Oleschak.

The Center for Diversity and National Harmony (CDNH) is an independent non-governmental organization established with an overall objective to enhance social harmonization, peaceful coexistence and mitigation of violence in Myanmar. CDNH builds on the research capacity and the community networks of many of the researchers and field staff who were involved in the investigation, data collection and preparation of reports on communal violence that occurred in Rakhine state. CDNH carries out its activities by establishing working relationships at both the coordination and policy levels with relevant governmental agencies, strengthening ties with local communities and people on the ground, and partnering with functioning networks of effective trainers.