Guest Researcher

Current Guest Researchers:

Mr Nicolò Paolo Alessi from Italy on «Constitutional instruments for the accommodation of diversity»



Previous Guest Researchers:

Mr Dr. Yoav Shemer Kunz from France on «How Europarties organize? The cases of Volt and the European Greens»

Mr Prof. Asim Ari from Turkey on «Democracy Education Frame Plan in Turkey»

Mr Adriano Dirri from Italy on «Sharing Natural Resources as Peacebuilding Device for Fragile Federations and Federal States in the Making»

Mrs Jadwiga Kopec-Jakimiec from Poland on «Vereinheitlichung der Rechtsprechung im Verwaltungsverfahrensrecht»

Mr Mohamed Aden Hassan from Somalia on «Federalism and Language»

Mrs Li Xixia from China on «The International Labour Organisation form a law perspective»

Mr Rasoul Motazedian from Iran on «The Future Study of Public Participation in Public Policymaking»

Mrs Martina Augustin from Austria on «How to Reconcile European Economic Governance with the Budgetary Autonomy of Parliaments?»

Mr Rohit Karki from Nepal on «Nepal’s Transition to Federalism: Accommodation or Exacerbation of Conflict»

Mrs Dr. Polly Datta from India on «Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Potential Revenue Loss of Local Bodies in India - Suggestive Remedial Measures»

Mr Bojan Vlaški from Bosnia & Herzegovina on «Organization of public administration in federalism - specifically in Bosnia and Herzegovina»

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 Mrs Yvonne Heiter-Steiner, Executive Secretary