Issues of sustainable development (advanced), including case studies

Dozenten-innen: Roser Dominic, Wallimann-Helmer Ivo
Kursus: Master
Art der Unterrichtseinheit: Seminar
Sprache-n: Englisch
Semester: SP-2022

The aim of this seminar is the critical reflection of different environmental challenges. Every two weeks we have experts confront us with a new environmental challenge in order to discuss it from an ethical perspective. In the weeks in between we familiarize ourselves with the respective issues. The case studies will be dealing with joint knowledge production in the context of climate adaptation.


The students deepen their knowledge of environmental ethics acquired in the Bachelor's degree. The students learn to apply the deepened concepts, theories and principles of environmental ethics to more complex problems (case studies) and are able to reflect on the problems in a multi-layered and differentiated way.