Climate Justice and Food Security

Climate change is leading to more intense weather events such as floods and droughts and will very likely impact agricultural food production all over the world. Even though the world community has agreed in the Sustainable Development Goals to end hunger and malnutrition in all of its forms by 2030, the number of chronically undernourished people has increased from 775 million in 2014 to 821 million in 2017. Ongoing climate change is likely to further aggravate this situation. This project aims to analyse the ethical implications of this situation in order to propose socially and technologically sustainable solutions and fair policy options for minimizing these threats.

To research the nexus between climate change, food security, and fairness, it includes three research clusters: (i) Mitigation, global markets, and world hunger; (ii) negative emission technologies (NETs), agricultural production, and land; and (iii) Sociotechnical adaptation of agriculture to sustain food security.

Projects and Publications


Ivo Wallimann-Helmer

Professeur-e ordinaire, Department of Geosciences

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Hanna Schübel

Assistant-e diplômé-e / Assistant-e source tierce, Department of Geosciences

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