Azadeh Tajdar

Azadeh obtained her PhD from the Faculty of Management, Economic and Social Sciences, in 2021, from University of Fribourg, Switzerland.  Her focus is on (collective) social entrepreneurship, cross-sector (social) partnerships, social innovation, and local impact.

Before pursuing her PhD, Azadeh was a founder for a number of startups. She has also acted as a mentor, donor, and board member for a several social impact organizations in different parts of the world.

Azadeh obtained her Master's in International and EU Law from the University of Amsterdam in 2000, after which she pursued an MA in International Relations at the University of Kent at Centerbury in 2002.

Her (research) interests include (collective) social entrepreneurship and supporting startups in the impact space; innovative cross-sector partnerships and sustainable innovation of management.

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Chair of Strategic Entrepreneurship
University of Fribourg
Boulevard de Pérolles 90, Office E404
1700 Fribourg

  +41 26 300 82 85


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