Published on 09.07.2020

Welcome to Dr Nadine Weiss, a new temporary member of staff for the fall semester

We are happy to welcome a new temporary member of staff this semester, Dr Nadine Weiss, who will be giving a BA seminar on ‘Women and Utopia’ in the seventeenth century and beyond. The course reaches across centuries of literary history to include a look at more recent twentieth-century female-authored utopian and dystopian fiction, specifically Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s female-exclusive Herland and the haunting near-future dystopia of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

Nadine Weiss holds degrees from the University of Richmond (VA), Yale University, and most recently, the University of Cambridge, where she completed her doctoral work, ‘“A divine centurie”: the religious sonnet in early modern England’, in 2019.