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References for PH.4663 - Surface physics

Low energy electrons and surface chemistryG. Ertl, J. Küppers(2nd, completely rev. ed) VCH Verlag, 19853527260560
Metal clusters at surfaces : structure, quantum properties, physical chemistryKarl-Heinz Meiwes-BroerSpringer, c20003540665625 (aci
Physics at surfacesAndrew ZangwillCambridge University Press, 19880521321476 (hdb
Surface physicsM. Prutton(2nd ed. repr) Oxford University Press, 19870198518633 (pbk
Surfaces and interfaces of solidsHans Lüth(2nd ed) Springer-Verlag, cop. 19933540568409 (Ber
Synchrotron radiation research : advances in surface and interface scienceed. by Robert Z. BachrachPlenum Press, cop. 1992

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