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References for MA.3219 - Riemannian Geometry II

Comparison theorems in riemannian geometryJeff Cheeger, David G. Ebin(Repr.) AMS Chelsea, 20089780821844175
Introduction to smooth manifoldsJohn M. Lee(2nd ed.) Springer, 20139781441999818
Lie Groups and Geometric Aspects of Isometric Actions Marcos M. Alexandrino, Renato G. BettiolSpringer
Metric foliations and curvatureDetlef Gromoll, Gerard WalshapBirkhäuser, 20099783764387143
Riemannian geometrySylvestre Gallot, Dominique Hulin, Jacques Lafonta(3rd ed) Springer, cop. 20043540204938
Riemannian geometryManfredo Perdigão do Carmo ; transl. by Francis FlBirkhäuser, 19920817634908 (Bos
Riemannian manifolds : an introduction to curvatureJohn M. LeeSpringer, cop. 1997038798271X (har

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