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References for GG.0441 - Applied geophysical methods

An introduction to applied and environmental geophysicsJohn M. Reynolds(2nd ed.) Wiley-Blackwell, 20109780471485360
An introduction to applied and environmental geophysics [Ressource électronique]John M. Reynolds(2nd ed.) Wiley-Blackwell, 20119780470975015 e
Applied geophysicsW.M. Telford, L.P. Geldart, R.E SheriffCambridge Univ. Press, 2010R005538523
Applied geophysics in periglacial environments[ed. by] C. Hauck and C. KneiselCambridge University Press, 20089780521889667
Field geophysicsJohn Milsom(2nd ed.) J. Wiley & Sons, 19960471966347
Introduction to applied geophysics : Exploring the shallow subsurfaceH. Robert Burger, Anne F. Sheehan and Craig H. JonW. W. Norton & Company, 20069780393926378

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